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Abstract Surreal Gallery

The Circle of Life 

Acrylic on Linen 45" x 108"

Geography of the Face 

Acrylic on Canvas 48”X 60”

New Millennial Messenger 

Acrylic on Linen 36" x 48"  

Riding into Autumn 

Acrylic on Canvas 36”x 60”

Urban Landscape 

Acrylic on Canvas 30”x 24”

After All "They" Want Us Out 

Acrylic on Linen 79" x 108" 

Soul Song

Oil on linen 48”x 60”

Nemesis of Global Nature

Oil on canvas 24”x 30"


Acrylic on Canvas 30" x 30" 

The Raven 

Acrylic on Canvas 30" x 30"

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