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Born in San Josè de las Matas, Dominican Republic, and then relocated to Brooklyn, New York in 1989. These dichotomous cultures have inspired Peralta's work to blend in a visual language with cultural diversity, which connects his Caribbean past with his urban present. During 1988 to 1989, he was a full time art instructor at an Elementary school in Dominican Republic.


From 2002 to 2003, he was the Art Director of the Dominican Culture House (Casa de la Cultura Dominicana) in New York, New York sponsored by the Dominican Republic Government.


In 2004 Peralta moved to Allentown, Pennsylvania where he integrated his new environment and  art work. Peralta developed a household name in The Banana Factory (Bethlehem, PA), becoming one of the first Hispanic artist to debut a studio in the building. His time spent in the City of Bethlehem inspired Peralta, to use the Cities history, steel and mechanical objects in his newest art pieces.


In 2012, Peralta decided to open his first solo Gallery/Studio "Rigo Peralta Art Studio" in Allentown, PA a block away from his home stating " My children have grown in this Community and the Community has given us so much, it's time to give back!" In recent years Peralta, has  hosted various  free shows, and installations for his Community from artist around the world, as well as his own new work. 

In 2019 The Allentown museum purchased a piece from Rigo Peralta, making him the first modern artist to debuts art in the museum, as a permanent collection piece. 



2003-2004       -   Dan Walden Solar Plate Etching Printmaking in the Sun Work-shop; New York, NY                                 


                                 -  Julio Valdez Silk aquatint Printmaking Work Shop; New York, NY

1995 - 1997     -  The Art Student League of New York, Work-shop / Artist: Jack Faragasso; New York, NY


1997-1998      -   The Art Student league of New York, Drawing the human figure / Artist: Peter Cox; New York, NY


1986-1989      -   National Academy of Fine Arts; Santiago, DR 





Solo Exhibitions:

2019   - " La Negra" -  The Allentown Art Museum; Allentown, PA 

2018   - Transcultural Art-  Rigo Peralta Art Studio; Allentown, PA 

2016  - MEZZ Gallery at the Renaissance Hotel in Allentown; Allentown, PA 

               - Monumental Rigo, Gallery on the Walk, Arts Walk; Allentown, PA

               - ART EXPO New York 2016 Pier 94, New York, NY 

               - Surreal Symbolism Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery; New York, NY


2015 -  ART EXPO New York 2015 Pier 94; New York, NY


2014  - Solo Rigo Gallery Nacional Museo del Nino Sanjose; San Jose, Costa Rica


2013   - "Myth +Machine = Alchemy," 514 Civic Theatre; Allentown, PA  

               -  Cigar Art factory Art Galleries; Allentown, PA

               - Solo Show at Cigar Art Factory Art Gallery; Allentown, PA


2007  - "Plumb the Depths of a Labyrinthine Soul," The Baum School of Art; Allentown, PA 


2006 -  "Extreme" at the Rio 2 Gallery; New York, N Y


2005 -  Monsoon Gallery; Bethlehem, PA

             -  "Maquinas Universal" The North Light Loft Gallery; Allentown, PA


2004 - "Transition"  The Trenton City Ellarslie Museum; Trenton, NJ


2002  - "Gestación Cósmica"  Museum Cándido Bidó (Oct-Nov); Bonao, DR

              -  "Escape Casa de la Cultura Dominicana"(Feb-March); New York, NY 

              -   "Mito de Un Sueño" Colegio  de Artistas Plastico Dominicano; Santo Domingo, DR


2000 -  "Realism and Surrealism," Elizabeth Anne Seton Memorial Gallery; New Brunswick, NJ

             -  "Between Worlds Galaxy,"  D' Art; New York, NY


1999  - "Testigo Del Tiempo," Fort Washington Penthouse; New York, NY


1997 -   "Más Allá de Aquí," 97th Street Branch Library; New York, NY


1996   - "Spiritual Essence, Boricua," Collage Gallery Graham Center; Brooklyn, NY


1986  -  "Paisaje de mi Pueblo," Patio Cultural de San José de las Matas; Santiago, DR

Selected Recognition and Awards

2018 -  Proclamation from the City of Allentown (Hispanic Month); Allentown, PA 

2016  - The New Mural Commissioned by the Allentown Art Museum; Allentown, PA 


2015  - Committee Board Member of the Allentown Public Art Committee; Allentown, PA 


2014  - Art Beyond Boundaries, A Global Art Workshop and Exhibition Art Hub; Abu Dhabi, AE


2013  - Arts in Education and School Programs Instructor, Allentown Art Museum; Allentown, PA 

              - Contemporary Latin American Artists’ Curator, Banana Factory Gallery; Bethlehem, PA 

              - Altering Reality (International Artist) Art Curator, Penn State University; Center Valley, PA   

2012 - Grand Opening of Rigo Peralta's Art Studio/ Gallery Recognition by  the City of Allentown; Allentown, PA 

             - Lehigh University Acquires a work for the Museum Collection; Bethlehem, PA 

2011   -  Arts Quest Cinema, Theater and Art, Public Collection  Recognition "Dancing through the Metals"; Bethlehem, PA

               - Guest Speaker at the World Issues Forum by Fair Haven College of Interdisciplinary Studies; Seattle, WA


2010  - Air Product Foundation Award (First Place); Lehigh Art Alliance 75th Annual Fall Juried Exhibition Allentown Art Museum;                              Allentown, PA  

              - Arts Ovation Award: Outstanding Achievement in the Visual Arts; Pennsylvania Art Commission; Allentown, PA

             - Order of Merit Citizen:Recognition for Dominicans who have excelled in the United States, Dominican Consulate; New                                        York, NY 


2009  - President of The Dominican American Cultural Association; Allentown, PA


2007  - Dominican National award, a recognition presented to Dominicans of excellence and pride; Dominican Republic                                                        Government 


2003  - First Dominican artist invited to the White House by the United States President George W. Bush; Washington, D.C


2001  - Recognition at the African American Museum; Nassau County Legislature; Long Island, NY

              - Certificate of Merit from Mayor Joe Carollo; Miami, FL


1999 -  Second Prize, The First International Religion Art Competition in N Y Organized by the Archdioceses of New York;

                 York, NY

            -  First Prize, Art in Movement Incorporated; Paterson, NJ

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2013   - Crisol Art Galleries Barcelona Spain The last Judgment of  Michelangelo in Sistine Chapel; Barcelona, Spain

               - The State Museum of Pennsylvania Historical Museum of Harrisburg; Harrisburg, PA  

               - Hispanic American Traveling Souls Anne Howell Center for the Arts; Valdosta, GA   


2012   - Hispanic American Traveling Souls Abernathy Art Center; Sandy Springs; Atlanta, GA   


               - Altering Reality: Latin American Leading Artists, Penn State University; Center Valley, PA


2010   - 4ta Feria del libro Dominicano en Nueva York 2010 Exposición Colectiva; New York, NY


2006  - Allentown Museum; Allentown, PA


2005  - 20th Annual Baum School Art Auction; Allentown, PA


2003  - Dominican Expressions, Paterson Museum; Paterson, N J


             - Expresión del Caribe Casa De la Cultura Dominicana; New York, NY


2002  - Dominican Week, West Tampa Convention Center; Tampa, FL                   


             - 2nd Religious Art Exhibit of Hispanic American Artist. Wallace Hall; New York, NY


              - African American Museum, Nassau County; Long Island, NY


1999  -  "Síntesis de un Lenguaje," Pearl Gallery; New York,  NY


              - "Tres Peralta Casa De Arte," Santiago, DR


              - Grupo 3+1 El Taller Latino Americano New York, NY


1996    - Homenajes en las Artes a Nuestra Cultura Hispánica, Goya Art Gallery; New York, NY


               - Unity of the Race AT&T; Midland, NJ         


1994  - Las Tres Isla Del Caribe Progress Art Gallery; New York, NY


1993  - Fair Expo New York Armory;  New York, NY


              - NYSHSA/ Alliance of New York State of the Arts Council; New York, NY


               - Art is Ageless NYSHSA/Alliance of New York State Arts Council; New York, NY


              - North Concourse Gallery, Empire Stated Plaza; Albany, NY


1992   - Latin American Art Exhibit, Meadow land Convention Center; Meadow Land, NJ

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